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Buckeye Radon is a local, small business

Buckeye Radon is a digital company that operates without a physical location. You can schedule and purchase our services online with a credit card, and you will receive your radon test results by email. As a local, small business, this let us keep our costs low, price our services low, and better serve your needs. We serve the Columbus and central Ohio area.

We are a family safety company.

Radon is estimated to be second only to tobacco smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer, responsible for over 20,000 estimated lung cancer deaths each year. Breathing air with a concentrated level of radon gas can result in an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Radon is second only to tobacco smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer. Radon is the primary cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in the United States.

Do you know the radon levels inside your home?

The EPA recommends that every home be tested for radon. Any home can have elevated radon levels, and even homes next to each other can have different levels of indoor radon due to construction and geographic differences.

Every home should be tested, old or new, and even if it already has a radon remediation system in place. Changes to your home such as additions, remodeling, or even new siding or roof can change the level of radon inside your home.


Any home can have high radon, the only way to know is to test.

Include a radon test with your home inspection for any house you consider buying.

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